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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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twitter or instagram. email i'm off next week. >> good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton already mired in her e-mail and clin tin foundation scandals today plunged her campaign into the dregs of racial politics. facing rising media attention on the clinton cartel and her growing play for pay throughout her campaign and the clinton foundation. she is trying to deflect by calling donald trump and his millions of supporters racist. listen to her pathetic, ugly invective and indecency. >> from the start donald trump has built his campaign on
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prejudice and paranoia. a man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far dark reaches of the internet. >> one asks what were they applauding. and clinton was only beginning. in a highly-organized an expensive coordinated attack, her campaign released a new political ad that tries to impugn trump as she suggests he is connected to neonazis. trump responded by dismissing her tired tactics. he said today he's having none of it. >> so what does she do when she can't defend her record?
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that's right, she lies. she lies. and she smears and she paints decent americans, you, as racists. it is the oldest play in the democratic play book. when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument, you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. they keep saying it. you're racist. >> we will be taking up today's new developments on the campaign trail with ebony williams and chris plant. also tonight wiki leaks founder threatens hillary clinton and her white house ambitions, building suspense as he does so and stoking expectations that an october surprise may cull early
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come early to clinton campaign and foundation. he tells fox news he will release bombshell documents on clinton he says will affect the outcome of this presidential election. >> i don't want to give the game away, but it is a variety of different types of documents from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles that are quite interesting, some even entertaining. >> our top story tonight, clinton coming out of hiding for a bit today. her last public rally a week ago. clinton breaking her silence, but she failed to address what has been one of the most devastating weeks of her campaign. instead focusing on the so-called alt-right movement. trump on the other hand in new hampshire continuing to hammer her on the issues including illegal immigration. >> the people of this country
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who want their lords -- laws enforced and respected by will all and want their borders secured are not racist. if you want to have strong borders so people come into our country but they come in legally through a legal process that doesn't make you a racist. it makes you smart. it makes you an american. >> hillary clinton fiercely trying to deflect, well, media attention and concerns about her scandal-plagued campaign last night in a phone call with cnn. clinton stated the obvious in what could be the closest we'll ever get to an admission of guilt by her. clinton said, quote, there is, indeed, a lot of smoke, but no fire, end quote, surrounding the clinton foundation. >> what we did when i was secretary of state, as i said,
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went above and beyond anything that was required, anything that any charitable organization has to do. i know there's a lot of smoke and there's no fire. >> remarkable. a lot of smoke but we are to believe there is no fire. the scandals are taking a toll on her poll numbers concerning honesty. in a new poll out today, only 29% of those surveyed say hillary clinton is honest. 42% say the same for trump. joining us now the executive editor of "the weekly standard" fred barnes. fred, great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> i have to believe -- well, that she is right now lashing out in a desperate attempt simply to deflect media attention. i don't see it particularly working for the clintons. do you? >> well, look, what she would like is to change the issue. i mean this is a tactic that politicians, particularly the clintons, have used for years. if there's some subject that's bothering them they don't want
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to talk about,nge the subject, and she has done that. >> well, she has tried it, but i don't -- that's my point. i don't believe it is working this time, and i think the reason is donald trump is hitting her square in the face with his rebuttal and response. >> i thought his response was good. i like thomas soles definition of a racist. he said it is what liberal -- it is someone -- liberals call someone a racist when they're losing the argument. certainly hillary clinton has been losing the argument. she has been losing the argument in the scandals. i don't think she can win this argument about race either. charging people with being a racist, i mean it is just something that doesn't have much zing anymore. maybe it did 20 years ago but it doesn't. it has been used so often by democrat it just doesn't work anymore. she will not be able to escape the whole question of her e-mails and her so-called
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charitable foundation. maybe you think -- >> i think your hesitation calling it a charitable foundation. when a foundation of $2 billion has 10% of the money to causes and then has her supporters and hangers-on saying things like, people will die if we shut down the clinton foundation, these are silly people and we have a silly national media treating them as if they were serious people. >> i know. as hillary might say, i misspoke. look, you know, i look at the numbers for 2013. >> yeah. >> the clinton foundation raised $143 million. how much did they spend on charity or did they report on spending on charity? 9 million, 9 million out of 143 million. i wouldn't call it much of a charity. >> it is a charity to the clintons certainly because they're using this as a slush fund to live a lifestyle of
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people well beyond their means, that is billionaires they're worth only a couple of hundred million. it is galling and the national peed ya' holds the-- media hold these people up you as some sort of avatar of public service. they are corrupt as it reaches across three foundations within the clinton foundation, the clinton global initiative is dead. this is despicable. to say they're going to step down, hillary and bill but leave little chelsea on the board, i mean these people have the hutspa of the likes of which i have never seen, the arrogance, instance lens, and frankly they are capable of god only knows what, as witnessed in the last 30 years. >> i don't think they will be able to pull off this thing where they're going to save the foundation and chelsea will run
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it. look, bill clinton -- >> i will tell you, to heck with the foundation. i'm watching a woman who has created every kind of, to me, violation of public integrity in high office, and we are talking about making the woman the president of the united states in the national media? i don't care whether liberal, conservative or what they are, going along with that? that is mindless beyond anything in my experience, in my reading of history. i have never seen the like. have you? >> no, i never have, and i want to raise one other point. >> sure. >> you know all of these never trump people and the rebels in the republican party. >> the idiots they call them. >> that's fine. where are the liberal people in the democratic party in she know how unsuccessful she was as secretary of state, about the e-mails, of the rewards given to people who gave money to the
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foundation. they know all of that but yet they don't have the courage to speak up, not one. >> did you see jeb bush had the courage to speak up today? to impugn donald trump because he sounded softer on the issue of immigration, more adaptive to the facts as he is funding them this late in the campaign, being more moderate in his view. is jeb bush so dense he does not understand what an initial bargaining position is? because that's precisely what donald trump has taken here, a strong initial bargaining position, and now the bargaining begins. >> well, jeb bush should have taken credit if anything. >> i didn't say he was a clever fellow. fred, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> fred barnes. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. >> donald trump says he has had a belly full of lying, crooked, classless hillary, and he has a warning for those who enable her lies. >> to hillary clinton and her
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donors and advisers, pushing her to spread fears and her lies about decent people, i have three words. i want you to remember these three words. shame on you. >> where is the shame of those p propping up clinton? ebony williams and chris plant join me on that here next. and this team of dare devils is preparing for a record-setting stunt. it is amazing. we will show you the amazing video here next. we are coming back. a lot more ahead of us. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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donald trump not letting up. hitting hillary clinton as a widening scandal haunts her campaign, trump making it clear to voters the country faces a very crystal clear choice in november. >> she wants a country without borders. she wants trade deals written for the benefit of foreign corporations. she wants a government that ignores the will of the people. she wants to sell out american security to the clinton
6:16 am
foundation for a big, fat pile of cash. it is hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department begins. >> strong stuff. and joining me now host of the chris plant show on wmal chris plant, attorney, fox news contributor ebony williams. great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> it was as clear a statement of the choice faces voters on november 8th as we've heard from donald trump, don't you agree? >> i agree. i will tell you why i call it a scandal in a second. i think it is the most severe criticism of hillary clinton so far. it is more severe than the erk mail situation we were looking alt earlier. >> i agree. >> i think it is a strong pair to draw to, whichever you want to use, both are a violation of public trust, both reveal an
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immense lack of integrity on her part and horrible judgment. what do you think, chris? >> you know, honestly, the clinton foundation, the relationship to hillary clinton and bill clinton and their outside operators and access gate being controlled through the foundation is structurally corrupt. if it is not illegal, it should be made illegal. i'm not a big fan of making new laws and more things illegal, but this is third world style. this is what you would expect in some middle eastern country where if you want a meeting with the grand poobah first you have to pay somebody off, g et soet foundation to the foundation. then you pay the toll, you get access to the poobah. i expect it in the middle east. you and i know working in the news business sometimes when you go to funny countries you have to spread money around. this is like that. >> i want to speak to the legal aspect because i think chris brought up a good point, if it
6:18 am
is not illegal it should be. i don't advocate for new laws either. oddly enough, lou, what she has done is not illegal per se but huge ethical problems are implicated here. she took an oath and signed her agreement she would do everything in her power to keep dealings as she served as secretary of state and dealings of the clinton foundation separate. ethically it is a huge problem. >> mohammed eunice of bangladesh gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the foundation, got his meeting with clinton and then his organization got tens of millions of u.s. taxpayer dollars. that's one example of many. they say, they had 1700. release all of the records, that's why the ap doesn't have all of the records because the state department and obama administration have been stone walling.
6:19 am
give the names of people she had meetings with and look for the broader relationships. the news media decided to kick the app story to the curb and turn it into a political back and forth. there is a serious scandal. >> it is a terrific piece of journalism and those organizations kicking it to the curb, come on, be straightforward, you are in the tank for hillary clinton. there could be no other explanation. >> but this issue of law, with the clintons it always turns out to be about law, about your reading of a parsed worth, whether it be is or whether it be -- you know, i mean this doesn't pass a smell test. >> no. >> to be as gentle and kind about it as i can with the language. these people are rank, corrupt, absolutely untrustworthy people who seek even more from the public trough. i can't believe the american people are looking at this kind of behavior and care whether it
6:20 am
is lawful or it isn't. they have enriched themselves while in office and they've done so by violating the public trust, and in so many instances. >> the correlation is undeniable. you look at the app report. 85 out of 150 some odd meetings, you know, having direct ties, financial donors, over a million dollars 20 out of the 85. come on? it doesn't have to be illegal for people to draw conclusions. >> what about countries and organizations putting $170 million in their pocket, $150 million. >> that's right. >> how about giving up -- while she was sitting on the board on the committee for foreign investment in the united states, which has to approve all deals of foreign investments like this and purchases, gives up 20% of u.s. holdings of uranium. this is beyond -- i mean this is to me utterly treason us,
6:21 am
despicable and it ought to be called what it is by the national media. >> it is corruption, old fashioned, third word, red neck sheriff kind of corruption. it is pay the toll and get in to see the big cheese. i don't know how you can see it any other way, but our he news media is not up to the task of playing the roll to the fourth estate. it is tragic. >> is it because "the washington post," the number one political newspaper in this country, is a left wing paper now that is a political arm of this white house and the democratic party because it is owned by jeff bezus and bringing his ideology to the pages of the post every day, is it because carlos slim has put a quarter of a will billion dollars into the "new york times" -- i mean donald trump is exactly right. the business enterprise of the times, it is disintegrating and its journalism may be preceding
6:22 am
it. >> no republican would get away with this for mant. they would have their career ended by the app story. they would be a leg of lamb if a pool of piranha until they were done. it would be their demise. >> ebony williams, do you want to respond? >> i don't know if i can top that, but i will say this. they can come out with look at all of the good work the foundation does. i'm not denying that, but it has nothing to do with the means of the corrupt procurement of those funds. it is despicable. >> look into their good deeds -- >> they make outrageous claims about the gd deeds they do. someone should look into that too. >> fred barnes talking about 2013 and not even 10% of the money they brought in. >> that's true. >> it is sad and pathetic. american people are better than this, than to vote this kind of conduct into the oval office. thank you. we appreciate it, chris plant, ebony williams. thank you. please roll the video and watch as a group of thrill seekers casually walk across the french
6:23 am
sky. what are they doing? well, these three dare devils, three are three, teetering on a 650-foot long high line between two sharp peaks in the frenchal ps, 10,000 feet above sea level. the adventure set a new record for the longest, highest line walk at such heights. don't do that, don't do that. up next, president obama gets what he pays for. iran escalating military confrontations and provocations with this country in the per shal gulf. after this video of four iranian boats harassing one of our navy destroyers, news of a more serious confrontation. subject of my commentary. stay with us. much more straight ahead. ♪
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be owned by president obama. he's made the future around possible, he's empowered iran as he pursued and concluded the nuclear deal. he enriched iran by $150 billion, and in the months since that nuclear deal he has emboldened them with his passivity in the face of provocation after provocation? tonight we learn the iranians harassed our navy in three separate incident. the uss tempest, squall and stout all in close calls with iranian ships and boats yesterday in the northern persian golf. the uss squall forced to fire three warning shots after the iranians sailed within 200 yards of the large american coastal patrol boat. tuesday four iranian boats conducting high speed intercepted our destroyer, two of them coming within 300 yards of the uss nitzi.
6:29 am
it comes as they are forced to defend its $1.3 billion payment to iran facilitated by an unnamed central bank and broken into 13 payments of just under $100 million each. the obama white house reasoning the same as, well, all of its actions in the iranian nuclear deal, its negotiations and costs to be hidden from the american people no matter what, no matter the illegality, no matter the consequences. those 13 payments came just two days after the $400 million cash payment of ransom by the obama administration to the iranians for release of four american hostages, which the administration denied and denied and denied. president obama defended the cash ransom payment earlier this month, but what he said was mostly gibberish and much of it simply untrue. >> the reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in
6:30 am
maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with iran that we couldn't send them a check. we could not wire the money. >> pure poppycock, and the question arises why was the money paid and when. of course, the answer is because it is ransom. today the white house refused to answer specifics about the $1.3 billion paid subsequently two days later to iran. >> we haven't been as specific about the mechanism of the payment for the $1.3 billion in interest other than to say we had a similar arrangement with a central bank, also unnamed, that a lot of other countries that probably don't want to advertise the ties between the central bank and iran because iran is a country that is isolated, and they do have a bad reputation. >> but no problem for in obama and the obama white house.
6:31 am
a bad reputation, earnest admits, but this white house had absolutely no qualms about fully empowering the largest state sponsor of terrorism. only one question results, it is purely rhetorical i assure you. just what kind of fools are these and are we? our quotation of the evening, this one from pablo qusals who wrote each person has inside a basic decency and goodness. if he listens to it and acts on it he is giving a great deal of what it is the world needs most. we are coming right back. >> donald trump campaigns in a swing state, the important swing state of florida where military and veteran support will be crucial. >> the obama/clinton administration has betrayed our veterans and it has betrayed them very badly.
6:32 am
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donald trump set to hold a rally in florida tomorrow. he is looking to build support in the state of florida where he currently trails hillary clinton by just under five points.
6:36 am
florida has voted democrat over the last two presidential elections. trump wants to change that, and largely with the help of veterans in the state of florida. veterans make up at least eight per september of the electorate, also in the battle grounds of pennsylvania. the support of military and veterans critical for a trump victory in november. joining us now, a gold star mother, the mother of fallen navy seal aaron vaughn. she is senior adviser for concerned veterans for american. karen vaughn, it is great to have you back with us. thanks for being here. let's talk about how -- we didn't have time the last time we talked to talk about your view of the support of veterans for trump, how broad is it, how energetic is it? >> i can tell you that you mentioned i'm the senior million taker families adviser for cva, and with that role i have spoken in rallies across this country,
6:37 am
109 rallies i believe on a large scale, and dozens if not 100 or so more, and i have never met a veteran that -- on a personal basis i have never met a veteran that would support a hilry clinton white house. that's what i do know. >> really? >> i do think that -- yeah. i just never have. i do think that, you know, donald trump is projecting the right idea for veterans. i believe, you know, one thing that we struggle at at cva is we work for va reform. hillary clinton was extraordinarily dismissive of va reform, of what the scandal was, called it something completely blown out of proportion while people stand on the steps of va hospitals across the country and take their own lives because they're so desperate for care. a lot of things about donald trump on a personal level to me are extraordinarily appealing. the primary thing is this, lou,
6:38 am
if i could say, you know, when a young man or a young woman signs up to be a war fighter, they believe with all their heart, as my son did, that they are fighting for a nation. they are fighting for the united states of america. when the lines begin to get blurred and you begin to start feeling like you're fighting for a global society or you're fighting for something other than the greatest nation on earth, i could see it could become a very large problem for people continuing to sign up to fight for america. my son died for this nation. he died for the american way of life. you know, the two candidates are polar opposites on that, not to mention all of the scandal that surrounds hillary clinton and all of the reasons that i think she could never lead an army, never. >> yeah. it is deeply troubling, and i want to get into just a bit of that if i may. first, i want to just -- because you made me think back to a
6:39 am
commercial that was running for the navy, and the navy put this thing up. it was beautiful pictures, you know, of jet fighters flying from the decks of aircraft carriers, destroyers and men and women in uniform and said, u.s. navy, a global force for good. it was the strangest ad, they have since taken it down. they had it for i think a year or two. it is about the united states of america, as you say. >> that's right. >> i think you make such an important point. i think every american should be listening to and thinking about. you mentioned hillary clinton. i mean at what point do we say that a person has disqualified themselves? is her -- is this clinton foundation, this clinton cartel of corruption seems to get more -- i mean it has been there all along, but we are learning so much more about how it
6:40 am
worked, how pervasive it is, how it included foreign governments. there seems no end to it. >> can you possibly imagine being led into war by a woman who traded u.s. diplomacy for donations to her foundation? can you imagine being led into war by a woman who still blows off this e-mail, just this unimaginable e-mail scandal as something like, what do you mean did i clean my server with a rag? that just dismisses, i would like to ask your audience, lou, if they could to look up major jason bresler. he is a man who completely lost his career for sending one, one e-mail on an unsecured server and the e-mail was intended to save the lives of the men on the base he had just left in afghanistan. he lost his entire career. ask somebody in the military who really understands the serious
6:41 am
nature of national security and of top secret documents if they think this is funny or anything to be mocked. you know, that's why i said i have not met one person in the military that would tell me out loud that they would be happy to serve under a hillary clinton presidency. >> karen, we are out of time and i appreciate your spending this time with with us, as always. i would like to ask you back so we can talk about the major's case and its impact on the military and the discrepancy, the contrast to the way in which a former secretary of state has been treated by our justice department. karen, great to have you with us. >> i would love to. thank you so much. >> this drone getting a little too close. it was a 16-foot -- i don't know how people measure these things. it is a big old crocodile going after a little tiny, tiny drone. leaping out of the waters, snapping its jaws at the drone, but the operator was clever,
6:42 am
fast and apparently considerably younger than me and more adetroit with a drone. that drone would have been lunch had i been operating it. the machine did not become lunch. it all happened in the australian outback. nasty critters live in those waters. otherwise a perfectly beautiful land with wonderful people. the crock dials i could do without. up ons flaring on turkey/syria border as united states joins turkish. we will take it up with general jack keane next.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
defense officials have confirmed tonight iranian vessels harassed a u.s. destroyer in international waters. incident occurred yesterday in the strait of hormuz. four iranian revolutionary guard boats conducted a high-speed internet of the uss nitts. three of the boats came within 200 yards of the boats. joining me general jack keane, retired military, fox news
6:47 am
analyst. i have to ask you, you are all about the army, but for another of our vessels to let these people get within 300 yards, is that really the rules of engagement for our ships? >> well, i don't know for sure what the rules of engagement are and what the status of those patrol boats were, you know, in terms of weapons at ready. >> right, radar, et cetera. >> but i think our guys know this is about two things. one is their training and they want to see what kind of response we have and what our radars are doing, et cetera. number two, this is really about our allies in the region. they look for opportunities to humiliate the united states, and they are dead set on making certain everybody recognizes since july of last year, after that nuke deal was done, lou, they are dominating power in the region. when they humiliate the united states it reminds our allies in the region who is in charge. >> well, that's a perfect transition to what is this president doing.
6:48 am
he is now allied with erdwan in the quote, unquote, fight against islamic state or as he likes to say isil. we are carrying out air strikes in support of tub yirkish force that crossed the border with syria without explanation or discussing a change in strategy. your reaction? >> this is a man determined on having an islamic state, he is taking many of the democratic attributes of people away from his people. he has appointed leaders as opposed to electing them, taken the military down rather significantly in terms of opposition forces. i think much of this operation, lou, while its intent is about isis and some of that is reclaimation for isis attacking him, but it is also the kurds. everything he does in syria, he
6:49 am
has his eyes on the syrian kurds, he is concerned about them gaining too much territory and therefore too much power and influence. that is what also is happening here. >> under the pretext then of taking on the islamic state, u.s. forces are in support of the turkish military advancing in syria and threatening kurds, and that is the likely outcome of the conflict that is going to continue it appears for sometime in syria between turkey and the islamic state and whatever starg targets, specifically the kurds, it selects. >> they won't state that but that's the reality. the second thing you asked at the beginning why are we doing this, because they're a nato country, we want the base we're using, we are flying out of that base. we also are conducting some special operations missions out of turkey. so that relationship and the war on isis is important. i think that is what has driven
6:50 am
this decision. what concerns me about this decision is everything that erdowan has been doing for the last three or four years and it should be impacting our relationship with him. >> surely the obama administration he sees what you and i see when we look toward turkey, and that is a leader who is giving every appearance of creating an islamic state before the islamic state can. >> yeah. believe me, isis, the strength that isis gathered is partly due to erdwan's policy because he refused to shut the border for several years. isis grew from several hundred out of iraq to close to 30,000 fighters from all over the middle east and other parts of the world many they came through the turkish border and he and his people turned a deaf eye to that. >> do you think we will have greater involvement? what do you expect as a result of the steps that are being
6:51 am
taken, the advancing turkish forces, our air strikes in syria? what is the end game for the administration? >> i think the end game for turkey will be the syrian border and that's all he's interested in. solidifying that border, making certain that the kurds are not advancing and gaining too much power. when he achieves that he will back off. he is not interested in getting involved in a ground war against isis and syria. >> general jack keane, great to have you with us. >> great talking to you. up next, donald trump sticking to the script, driving home the fundamental message of his campaign. >> it is time to emphasize what we all have in common as americans. we will promote our common culture, values and principles. we will be one nation. >> the "wall street journal's" jason riley joins us here next
6:52 am
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joining us now "wall street journal" columnist, fox news contributor jason riley. jason, let's start with trump staying on message, attacking hillary clinton for her lack of ethics, the ses pocesspool thate clinton foundation, it is on its face. why aren't the leaders of the
6:56 am
republican party helping trump point straight at the foundation and her? >> this is about trump and trump's ability to stay on message. right now he's in a groove, he's on message. let's see if he can stay on message. and when he does, i think it helps him because he's winning on a lot of the issues. >> absolutely. >> whether it is the economy, who can best protect the country and so forth. if he can stay on message, take advantage of this drip, drip, drip of the clinton foundation scandals, the e-mail scandal and so forth and keep the focus on the issues and his opponent and not on himself, i think he will be fine, lou. >> is it a distraction to turn to the issue of immigration in the midst of all of this? do you think he could have waited? >> someone was whispering in his ear he needed to change his tone on that. someone decided he needed to pivot somewhat on that, and i assume that's why he did it. it's been the center piece of his campaign, and i don't think there's a real down side to it, lou. i think the people who are voting for trump based on immigration aren't -- he is not going to lose them.
6:57 am
i think there's only an upside to doing this. >> and the fact is as a non-politician adapting, it is a very fine line he is walking, adapting to the circumstances and influences and at the same -- >> that's what you do. you run in the primaries typically to the right, or democrat to the left, and in the general election come back to the middle. >> why aren't paul ryan out there? >> i thufrpg they're looking to numbers in congress, the senate and house seats that are up. they want to preserve their fiefdoms there -- >> do these people not understand they are going to hang separately or together? >> it looks like it depends on the race. in ohio might be a different circumstance than pennsylvania or wisconsin. i think a lot of the officials are looking at, trying to localize the race. >> these are the same geniuses
6:58 am
who were bailed out by the tea party in 2010 and the same geniuses who lost two presidential elections in a row, are we talking about the same people? >> and there's also such a thing as split ticket voting and quite a bit of it was done in this country, there's a history of that happening in this country and some people are predicting -- no, not recent history. back in the '90s. >> we move on. >> we'll see. >> i want to turn to, if we can, hillary clinton and the scandal at the clinton foundation. we're finding out the associated press with a brilliant report, had to wait three years because the state department wouldn't break the -- >> right. that's what makes me wonder why this isn't more than obama administration scandal. john kerry runs the state department now. he has been in charge over these years. he's the one that's been doing the stonewalling or people working under him. for some reason the press has
6:59 am
given the obama administration a pass on these issues. we complain about the press not going after hillary hard enough. what about going after the obama administration? this all happened on their watch. >> all on their watch, and there's one common theme here. they're all, whether obama or whether clinton, they're all within the purview of the state department which seems to be a fiefdom which he has considerable influence over. i want to ask you, kellie ann conway, the first woman to lead a republican presidential campaign, she says there are shy voters, undercover voters who will make the difference in the election for donald trump irrespective of polls? what do you think? >> if you are complaining about the polls, your guy is probably losing. when trump was up in the polls he cited them constantly, he couldn't speak two or three sentences without telling you how well he is doing in the polls. i'm winning in the polls, that's what he would say constantly. now that the polls say something
7:00 am
different, pollsters are weighting things wrongly, people are hiding their beliefs, i think it is a sign their guy is down. >> jason riley always with great insight and perspective. thanks for being here. thanks for being with us. god night from new york. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> i don't feel no ways tired. i come too far john: are they our only option packs fortunately not. we have that libertarian candidates. governor terry johnson and people don't even know they are running. >> what has a libertarian stand for? john: they will answer that tonight in our libertarian town hall. >> and now, john stossel. [applause]


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